Agroponiente Group - Fruits and vegetables

Sustainable agriculture

Towards a more sustainable agriculture

Our goal is to achieve a more sustainable agriculture

We belong to the Spanish chapter of the UN's Global Compact, which ensures the sustainability of the food and agriculture Spanish system


Our Products

High-quality fruits and vegetables throughout the year


Quality has a special taste

We place our hands in the lands and innovation to grow food sustainably but guaranteeing its flavour and freshness

We took care of the crop very well

Our specialized team of engineers, agricultural technicians and growers take great care of them.

Integrated pest

We use biological pest control as the fundamental basis for the fight against pests and diseases in a sustainable way and to achieve zero residue

Annual planning

We have geographically delocalised production to cover demand all year round.

New varieties

We work with leading seed companies to develop new varieties with improved resistance and outstanding flavours.

News about our company

An App for growers made by growers

Consult your account and carry out transactions easily and quickly. One-click access to all your information


Quick, simple and tailor-made digital information management

We have 22 reception centres, 8 fresh produce processing centres and 4 daily auctions where you can bring your product and leave it in the best hands.

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Our mission

Our mission

To provide fruits and vegetables in sustainability to families, ensuring excellence and specialisation in our service and in all our high-quality products

Our vision

Our vision

To be the world's leading supplier in the fruit and vegetable market, being recognised for our ability to innovate, adaptability to change and the latest trends in the market, always maintaining our commitment to service, quality and the environment.

Our values

Our values

Honesty as our way of achieving results. Creativity to innovate and take risks to continuously improve. Respect that creates inclusive environments and sustainable agriculture. Rigour that characterize our actions focused on the digital transformation