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Advantages of being
an Agroponiente farmer

Our technical team can advise you

Our Agricultural and Commercial Technical Engineers will offer advise on crops and certificates for maximum profitability.

Adaptive Clearance

We take structured settlement payments very seriously.

An app that is updated every day

You will receive up-to-date information related to your account and your crops, and you will be able to streamline procedures.

25 centres near you

Two sales models: commercialisation or auction.

Aplicación Agroponiente

Have full control over your crops

Our goal:
to practice sustainable farming

This is why we take a transparent approach to our sustainable strategy, based on ESG criteria.

Simple and personalised product management

Information on the 25+ centres where you can take your product, the sales model and auction locations.

Collection centers
Handling centers
Bio centers

MIXED MODEL: You’re the farmer, you decide how to market your product

Confección y comercialización

Manufacturing and marketing

Where the product is handled, weekly prices are set, different formats are produced, with Europe and the USA the main destinations.



Where sale takes place at source, daily, with no product interference, and Spain is the main destination.

Our commitment does not end here

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with logistics centres
with products sold
of selling
En Agroponiente conocemos la tierra
Pimientos Agroponiente

Monitoringcrops and pest control

High altitude gardening that guarantees all year round production

Advice From the quality and certifications department

-0,8Cº en in Almeríathanks to the Albedo effect of our greenhouses