Sustainability – Agroponiente

Towards nature friendly farming

As the world evolves and environmental challenges are even more pressing, we realised we had to go beyond sustainability. Learn about our journey towards conscious agriculture.

Organic farming

Find out about our long-standing commitment to sustainability and responsible business practice



Organic farming is based on sustainable agricultural practices which seeks to improve the health of soil, water quality and biodiversity.


Social Responsibility

We pay special attention to our employees' health and safety


Caring for the environment

We are working towards zero waste in agriculture directed at the improvement of the food products


Reducing water consumption since 2019


Reducing power consumption in our facilities and centres since 2019


of foodstuff waste left and derived products for special animal feeding purposes


of sales are with sustainable and recyclable, plastic-free packaging


carbon footprint reduction by 2019

Working to leave a carbon positive footprint on planet earth

Our goal is simple, but powerful: to produce high quality products in a responsible manner while respecting its natural environment, in a conscious way.

Increasing biodiversity of fauna and flora

Cultivating hedgerows and reservoir areas to help the proliferation of auxiliary flora and fauna to attack pests in a natural way.

the efficient use of water

by using efficient technology systems to control the planted soil humidity, as well as using drip irrigation.

Biological pest control

Using natural enemies to control pests in an environmentally way

Organic fertilisation

Application of organic fertilisers, such as compost or manure, to improve soil structure.

Recycling and effective waste management

Use of agricultural and product waste in our facilities to generate animal feed or natural compost.

Green vehicles

We use environmental certification leasing vehicles to help reduce our carbon footprint.