Long Aubergine

Healthy, tasty and tremendously versatile, aubergine offers us different varieties with unique characteristics that we can take advantage of a lot.

The fruit is edible in its entirety once the peduncle that joins it to the plant has been removed, which is too hard and can even puncture to the touch. The meat is white or cream-colored, very fluffy, with small seeds concentrated inside, towards the lower part of the body, which are generally consumed without further problems. The skin contains an anthocyanin, nasunin, with antioxidant action.

It has more than 90% water, therefore it is a highly recommended food for weight loss or weight control diets. It is satiating, thanks also to its contribution of fiber, and it has hardly any fat. In addition, from Agroponiente we grow this aubergine throughout the year with the Bio category, which guarantees considerable savings in natural resources during its cultivation. What else do you need to know to try thousands of recipes with this nutritious treasure?