Almeria Cucumber

The Almería or Dutch-type cucumber is the most exported cucumber in Spain. It’s between 25-30 cm long and has a bright dark green colour.

We could describe the flavour of the Almería cucumber as smooth, and it also has digestive properties. This cucumber is easily digested when consumed raw; it can even be eaten with the skin, as long as it is tender. Also, if you like the sweet taste, we recommend having it with a little bit of honey. It’s delicious! At Agroponiente, we grow this vegetable throughout the entire year in Bio category, which guarantees that natural resources have been managed and used sustainably during harvesting.

Something you probably don’t know: this low-calorie vegetable has a high water content compared to others. It’s rich in vitamin C, essential to stimulate the immune system. This natural antioxidant is also essential for collagen production and protects your body from damage caused by free radicals, compounds that are destructive to your cell structure. A medium-sized cucumber provides the body with 18% of the necessary folic acid and 10% of the vitamin B5 it needs, making it essential in our day to day life.