White Zucchini

White zucchini is a variety of zucchini that you will recognize by its green to off-white color with a soft shiny tone. The white zucchini season is usually between the months of March and May and at Agroponiente we pick it up at the right time to provide an exceptional flavor.

Did you know that white zucchini has a low caloric intake? For this reason it is a highly recommended food in all types of diets. It is also characterized by being light and easy to digest, so its intake is recommended for all types of people and a variety of diets.

It is one of the vegetables that will help you take care of your heart, as well as joint health. It contains countless vitamins that help delay the signs of aging and also has antipyretic properties, essential for regulating body temperature. Its diuretic properties act directly on the elimination of fluids in the body.