White Seedless Watermelon

You’ll recognise the white seedless watermelon because of its light green colour and dark green stripes. Its flesh is deep, crunchy and sweet, and seedless (it contains ‘micro-seeds’). At Agroponiente, we grow these watermelons considering it has to be convenient for both the young and the elder.

In addition to being refreshing due to its high water content, the white seedless watermelon is great for rehydrating after exercise—athletes and people who exercise a lot benefit from eating it.

Regarding its composition, this type of watermelon helps reduce post-exercise muscle soreness. Yes, you read it right. This is thanks to its high L-citrulline content, an amino acid that provides energy for your muscles. In addition, it is worth noting its excellent composition: it contains large amounts of water, fibre, vitamins and minerals, like the rest of the varieties.