Sweet Bite pepper

‘Mini’ or ‘baby’ fruits and vegetables are in fashion. There is no going back, and proof of this is the Sweet Bite pepper. The healthy snack revolution has begun, and our small peppers have the potential to become “king” of this new trend.

One can eat these small peppers raw, and like a sweet, they’re high in sweetness.

Sweet Bite Peppers are great eaten raw and like a sweet – they have a sweet, mild flavour and are perfectly snack-sized. They are a delicious alternative to other unhealthy snacks such as pastries, processed products, products that are too high in salt and/or sugar, soft drinks, etc. You can have them at work, in the car, in the office. It’s a healthy snack to stop yourself from getting hungry, and it’s great for children.

Because these peppers have high carotene content, they can help fight oxidative stress and reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, we can find them in three colours: red, yellow and orange. These add flavour and colour to salads. So what are you waiting to try them?