Round Tomato or “Long Life”

The “Long Life” tomato is one of the most iconic and recognisable varieties of Agroponiente and our daily life. Its intense deep red colour and regular shape make it easy to recognise, and also its smooth skin, pulpy texture, and unique flavour. But we mustn’t forget its main trait: its extended shelf-life, which is precisely where its name comes from.

These tomatoes are ideal to accompany any food – the meals we can prepare with them are endless. They’re great for preparing sauces, but you can also eat them raw, add them to stir-fry recipes and use them to make salmorejo or gazpacho. It offers all in one!

We will give you one last reason to adore this tomato: it’s an excellent antioxidant. It’s rich in lycopene, a carotenoid responsible for a tomato’s red colour. It also protects the cellular tissues and skin, and it purifies the body by getting rid of all toxic elements. So what’s left to say is: Long live the tomato!