Pink Ribbed Tomato

The iconic grooved shape is what gives this tomato variety an unmistakable aroma. You will find the Pink Ribbed tomato in your greengrocer glistening with its pearly pink color. Tomato lovers define it as a sweet variety, perfectly balanced with acidity, which adds a unique personality to each dish. And best of all, you will find the Pink Ribbed tomato all year round in your greengrocer, ready to flavor your salads with the CassaRosa seal of approval.


In fact, the Pink Ribbed tomato has been so valued for its flavor that it has become an essential in European homes. And that’s thanks to its good state of conservation, which allows it to last longer. That is why at Agroponiente we grow this vegetable on Spanish farms, sharing its great traditional flavor with all European cuisines. There is no need to worry about its quality when exported, since the Pink Ribbed comes in an excellent condition of conservation. Long live aromatic and flavored tomatoes!