Padrón pepper

These are small-sized peppers (between 5 and 10 cm) and are olive-green to yellowish-green in colour. Aside from its intense flavour, a peculiarity of the Padron pepper is that only some fruits are spicy. As they say: “Padrón peppers, some are hot, and others are not”.

They are usually grilled or fried in the pan and seasoned with “coarse salt”. When served, they generally accompany other foods or are presented as a ‘tapa’. Who doesn’t fancy ‘Migas’ with these delicious padrón peppers? It’s irresistible!

Padrón peppers have a nutritional content similar to that of green peppers. The main property is water, so the caloric intake is minimal. It’s also rich in provitamin A or beta carotene (which the body transforms into vitamin A), folate and vitamin E.