Hanging tomatoes

Tomàquets de penjar’ (hanging tomatoes) are the best tomatoes to rub on bread. These have an intense red colour that appears once harvested, shortly after the tomatoes are hung. Their skin is fine, and they have a lot of pulp, and they are very watery. The flavour is intense and sweet, and their acidity is low.

These tomatoes are popularly used to spread on bread, with olive oil and salt. The famous Spanish ‘pan con tomate’. It’s a very simple recipe, but as you well know, it’s a delight.

These tomatoes are an exquisite accompaniment to meat, fish or vegetables, as it enhances the flavour. Stir-fried, these tomatoes are an excellent accompaniment to stews. At Agroponiente we grow these tomatoes throughout the entire year, so there is no excuse to have a good handful of them in the fridge.