Black Ribbed Tomato

We present the tomato variety with the most worldwide recognisable flavour. In fact, it’s considered to be the most flavourful tomato variety by consumers. It’s called Marejada, and if its name sounds familiar to you, it’s because its high quality standard leaves no one unmoved. At Agroponiente, we provide this variety in the coldest months of the year until spring. We grow the ‘Marejada’ with low environmental impact because we implement technological systems that reduce the water footprint.

The Marejada tomatoes, also called ‘chocolate marmande’ for its famous dark tones, has more than an authentically unique flavour. This type of vegetable is much sweeter compared to the rest of its competitors. It’s a treat. In addition, it has high concentrations of folic acid, which is essential for pregnant women.

Among the benefits, we should mention its antioxidant capacity – it’s rich in carotenes, which are responsible for a tomato’s red color. It also contains vitamin C, A and E, which contribute to mucous membranes, skin and bone health. It’s nutritious and flavourful, what other reasons do you need to include it in your diet?