Round Zucchini

Round zucchini is like a trompe l’oeil: they look like a pumpkin but taste like zucchini. Did you know that zucchini is one of the most eaten vegetables in Spain? At Agroponiente we grow it all year round so you can find it in supermarkets and greengrocers, and eat it in many ways.

A great thing about zucchini is it’s a very versatile vegetable; it goes with multiple flavours. For example, round zucchini are great for stuffing. These can also be used to make purees, or they can be grilled, fried or battered.

Round zucchini are rich in vitamin C, an essential antioxidant that helps prevent colds and protects against oxidative stress. In addition, it helps regulate the digestive system and improve constipation problems. This vitamin is good for poor digestion because it contains mucilaginous fibre, which helps heal the gut’s lining. It also helps regulate intestinal transit and prevent constipation problems due to its slight laxative effect. So, how are you going to cook it today?