Agroponiente will carry out a solidarity auction of items donated by world-class athletes

The solidarity auction will take place on June 9 at the Vegacañada facilities, it will be open to all types of participants and it will be possible to take part in person and online.

Grupo Agroponiente and MAAVi Foundation have sealed a strategic alliance to carry out an interesting and profound solidarity project. This is a project that will be reflected in the auction of a series of garments and articles donated by great figures of world sport, such as Fernando Alonso, Antoine Griezman, Marc Márquez, Robert Lewandowski, Gonzalo Melero or Miguel Indurain, in order to to raise funds for the aforementioned Foundation.

MAAVi Foundation was born in 2019 in Roquetas de Mar, as a sign of responsibility and social return from Kimitec and MAAVi Innovation Center, the largest biotechnological innovation hub applied to nature in Europe, with the challenge of motivating new generations with equal opportunities and promote their talent. The Foundation is inspired by the link with football of its CEO, Félix García, through this discipline they develop a program on four axes: sport, education, healthy lifestyle habits and professional development. The person is the axis of planning and the objective is to provide support and create opportunities.

In this context, and within the framework of the alliance between Kimitec and Grupo Agroponiente, both organizations are going to carry out a fundraiser for social purposes, which will go entirely to the promotion and financing of MAAVi’s solidarity activities in relation to sports, education and professional development as channels to enable the integration of the boys and girls with whom it works.

The solidarity auction will take place on June 9 at the Grupo Agroponiente facilities. Inspired by a fruit and vegetable auction and in an environment identical to this one, but with the peculiarity that it will be carried out as an upward bid. It will be presented and moderated by sports journalist Noemí De Miguel, presenter of El Día Después on Movistar + and in charge of the F1 World Championship broadcasts on Dazn. Her career of more than 15 years has led her to work in South Africa in the 2010 World Cup, present the Champions League and El Día Del Fútbol and interview world sports leaders such as Messi, Pelé, Niki Lauda, Pau Gasol or Usain Bolt.

The organization of the event has already collected numerous items donated by different organizations and world-renowned athletes, which will be made public through different digital channels in the coming days, but which include clothing and objects from prestigious world-renowned athletes, such as Fernando Alonso, Antoine Griezman, Marc Márquez, Robert Lewandowski, Gonzalo Melero or Miguel Indurain.

Participation in the solidarity auction can be carried out either in person or electronically, under a system of representatives of each one of the participants who are registered, always granting the maximum facilities for all those who want to take part in this supportive and committed activity with the future of the children that the Foundation protects sportingly and educationally.

“The objective of developing solidarity actions with companies such as Agroponiente, European leaders in the fruit and vegetable sector, and Kimitec partners, is to grow and make our footprint bigger at the local level. From the MAAVi Foundation, we take care of ours and ours are all, generating an impact from the employee of the entity itself to the employee of the farm and in his family” says Carlos Areán, director of the Foundation

The CEO of Grupo Agroponiente, Imanol Almudí, wanted to underline that “Grupo Agroponiente is very proud of the strategic alliance that Kimitec has committed to, and which is already taking shape in concrete actions in the field of sustainability and production committed to the natural environment, but for us the project that we have completed with the MAAVi Foundation is also very important, as it implies a commitment to extraordinary social work carried out by this organization. In addition, having the collaboration of this large number of world-class athletes, who have selflessly donated items, and giving it a shape that somehow emulates fruit and vegetable auctions, is an important sentimental component that also fills us with satisfaction”.

In addition, anyone can collaborate directly with the MAAVi Foundation through its website:

If you want to participate online, you can register here.

Here you can see the lots that will be auctioned. You dare? We will wait for you!


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