We present at Fruit Logistica a wide range of specialties, with special emphasis on taste

Tomatoes of different shades, formats and textures, sweet peppers, round courgettes or Kisy watermelon, are some of the new produce

Second day of the international fruit and vegetable fair Fruit Logistica in Berlin and, again, full in the stand of Grupo Agroponiente (Hall 8.2), in an edition in which the company has made a strong bet on the presentation of new produce in the field of specialties, especially in terms of flavor product.

In this sense, Grupo Agroponiente has made an important bet by putting in place an R&D&I Department, whose management is held by Javier Núñez, which in these days has maintained many contacts with customers from different countries, as well as the Professionals in the Sales Department.

Núñez emphasizes that “this is an important job, in which we are making a great effort to compose a wide range of possibilities in terms of specialties, which is a highly demanded segment in the market and which is trending today in much of the European territory. It is a work that encompasses different product typologies and is carried out in collaboration with seed-producing companies, farmers and also with customers. It’s about studying answers to what the market is demanding and we’re already on the way“.

In this sense, the fresh product display of Grupo Agroponiente presents a wide variety of tomatoes of different texture, color and shapes. Thus, in Fruit Logistica the company has shown varieties of roasted tomato (red, green, aubergine or black), cherries and cocktails tomatoes, red and orange sweet peppers; round zucchini; and the Kisy watermelon, for individual consumption, with the size of an orange and easy peeling, which Grupo Agroponiente sells with a co-exclusive.

Núñez recalls that “our vocation is both to offer the market solutions to their demands, using the great research potential of our company and our relations with seed companies, and also to transfer that know-how to our farmers, in order to offer them opportunities to raise their returns with innovative and productive products“.

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