Our pride for the land
in a catalogue

A catalog of fruits and vegetables that brings together the best of our countryside and all our experience.

We understand the land: we are producers

At Agroponiente, our roots and the knowledge that crops give us year after year come first.

We deliver our eco friendly products from the land to our customers’ tables.

En Agroponiente conocemos la tierra

The added value of being farmers

We are farmers and every day we strive to find new products and varieties with surprising flavours for everyone.

We are caretakers of the land, we harvest sustainability

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Nuestro producto en todo el mundo

Where our products come from

hands on the land and in logistics distribution

We take care of transportation

We use groupage for different destinations to complete our service to clients.

We offer logistics distribution services from warehouses

We provide picking, cross-docking and quality control services.