We join the Network of Socially Responsible Municipal Enterprises (REMUS) of the City of El Ejido

The initiative brings together the consistory and 29 companies that are committed to the labour integration of people in a situation of special vulnerability

Grupo Agroponiente has joined, through the signing of the corresponding agreement, the Network of Socially Responsible Municipal Enterprises (REMUS Program) of the City of El Ejido, in order to work in a coordinated way to lay the groundwork for incorporation into the labour market of people in a particularly vulnerable situation.

A total of 29 companies have joined this programme, thus committing to incentivize the recruitment of people in this situation, including the group of people with disabilities.

The director of Human Resources of Agroponiente, Manuel González Macías, has been in charge of appearing in the signing of the agreement with the rest of the business representatives and the municipal mayor, Francisco Góngora, as well as the councilor of Services Social Affairs, Almudena Martinez.

In the course of the act of signing the agreement, the first building of the municipality underlined that “…when we launched the Municipal Plan for Equal Opportunities between Men and Women, one of the axes was precisely working with socially responsible companies. That’s when we managed to start the commitment of a total of 10 of them who wanted to join an initiative that aims to contribute to greater social cohesion. We have at a very effective tool to improve the employability of sectors of the population that are in a situation of particular vulnerability.”

For his part, Manuel González Macías has stressed that “it is a magnificent initiative, a show of public-private collaboration for the benefit of people who need reinforcement when it comes to entering the labour market. Of course, in Grupo Agroponiente we are convinced that the City Council of El Ejido plays a very important role in becoming a binder of this business collective for a cause so necessary and at the same time so socially beneficial. We also do not forget that companies themselves also benefit from these kinds of social initiatives, since these programs are often a good resource for attracting talent. For this reason, we would like to congratulate the consistory and encourage him to continue working on these kinds of initiatives.“.

In addition, González Macías adds that “this is another action, within our commitment to policies related to sustainability and covering the areas of Environment, Social and Governance. These actions are already active at different levels of our business group and are not only focused on maintaining corporate collaborations by the company, but also on involving all our professionals in social volunteering tasks. Companies have an obligation to make their mark in the environment in which we develop our business mission and without any doubts, with daily behaviors aligned with our corporate values will make the footprint left by Grupo Agroponiente be relevant and lasting from a social and environmental point of view. Continuing to work with the aim of maintaining a better and well-aligned society with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations is a basic and fundamental line of the Grupo Agroponiente strategy”.

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