Transparency is not something you talk about,
it’s something you do.

These are the actions that are part of our Business Transparency strategy.

Why are sustainability and the ESG so important to us?

The ESG criteria are the starting point for our Business Transparency strategy and they demonstrate our three sustainable pillars.

EEnvironmental environment

We avoid production waste, residues, polluting materials and agricultural waste that imperil environmental sustainability. We prioritize the use of sustainable packaging and we use 100% renewable energy.


We promote equality in the workplace, we perform charitable actions to give back to society and the healthcare sector, and we ensure safety at work. We commit to talent by providing constant training and internal promotion.

GGood governance

We develop commercial, purchasing and anti-corruption policies that guarantee the integrity of all our processes. We have a nomination’s committee and an ethics committee that oversee compliance with these policies.

Our sustainability actions

We are members of the United Nations Treaty

We drive our business towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Transparencia y medio ambiente Agroponiente
Agricultura tomate calidad productos agricolas

We are part of the Spanish Food Work Group (Grupo de Trabajo Alimentario Español)

We belong to the UN Treaty Spanish Network, which ensures the sustainability of the Spanish agricultural and food environment.

We are backed by our Sustainable Value Proposition

ABAC Capital certifies our commitment to our sustainability transformation strategy.

Tomate Asurcado Agroponiente

Quality certificates vouch for our commitment

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